We design employee education to fit work force profile and needs, and adapt delivery to company size and schedule. 

Short, well-planned classes, individual conversations and appropriately-designed webinars can all contribute to employee and company success, in an efficient manner.

This can be a big step-up to help build a better 410k plan.

Our Financial Education Process is Straight Forward and Cooperative

We analyze participation and contribution rates and, together with the plan sponsor, make determinations about how to best structure and design a financial education course that fits the company schedule and provides maximum benefit to the employees.

  • An educated employee's financial abilities can be the most beneficial for all concerned.
  • Employee financial education programs can be designed to fit your company's profile so that your employees learn to be more careful and efficient with family finances.
  • This can be transformative for employees, their families and the company that employs them.  

With greater awareness of how to properly manage family money, employees can feel more settled with their lives more confident about their future. This can also lead them to develop positive relationships with other employees and with management. Their new financial capabilities and responsibilities can lead to higher, more consistent 401k contributions and, therefore, more confidence in the future.