Our Services

The company structure of Advantage 401ks is built on a solid, experienced foundation that empowers us to properly attend to all facets of 401k planning and servicing.

Ladenburg Thalman Financial group, the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) and experienced financial educators combine abilities work to ensure total compliance and on-time attention.

On the Job

We are serious about being helpful. We make regularly-scheduled visits to your work place and will work towards making sure your 401k plan is clean, efficient and effective for all concerned.

Fiduciary Risk Reduction

Our goal is to reduce your fiduciary risk as we use our comprehensive abilities to analyze design, oversee government filings, score fund selection and extend financial education and principles to all concerned.

Plan Design Confirmation

At no extra cost, we will analyze your plan, and if necessary, make suggestions to be sure it is most effective for you and your employees.

Investment Oversight

Because we have professional relationships with more than fifty investment providers, we are able to provide necessary fund analysis without the need for the plan sponsor to make any other changes.

Tailored Financial Education

We believe a well-designed financial education curriculum will build a better, stronger, more profitable company.