The Benefits of Providing Employees with a Financial Education

The Benefits are enjoyed by employees and employer

When the dark cloud of financial worry is lifted from a family, this can result in the following:

  • Employees are more ready to work effectively and efficiently thus raising productivity
  • Employees are more consistently at work and into their job
  • Relationships with other employees, with supervisors and with their employer can become more comfortable and beneficial

When, because of better financial management at home, employees are able to contribute more to the company retirement plan, they gain a sense that the job, the employer, are truly important to their future; absenteeism may lessen and job searching becomes less likely.

Higher participation and contribution rates also benefit the employer

Here's more good news: this comprehensive program does not need to take up a lot of time and it does not need to add to the company's expense budget.

Employees who are educated have a better grasp on their investments which can result in a big boost into their future.

Most surveys indicate that more than half of employees struggle with their home financial situation. But your employees can be much more confident


We will work with you to plan an effective education that fits your needs and company schedule. We can use venues of your choice with small groups or large groups; or webinars are available for special situations.

This can be a big step-up toward building a better 401k plan.